News Flash
Week of May 29, 2018

June 7th - Field Day
               Accelerated Reader Party

Please be sure to go through your child's backpack and purple folder. Too many students are leaving books, workbooks, and paper-pencil assignments at home. I think taking their word that everything is packed up and completed isn't working. Thanks for your help with this.

The menu list on the left should show more subjects, but for some reason doesn't list them. Click on one and look for the others, the pages seem to be embedded on other pages.

Journeys - ELA program

See the Journeys Focus Wall page for next week.

Math Expressions

We will be finishing Unit 5.

Click on the Math Expressions page.

Science - Weather and Climate

We will be doing handouts related to Weather and Climate.

Social Studies - Meet Michigan

We are continuing Chapter 5.
We do skill sheet activities and we always do the questions at the end of each lesson. These questions are often referred to as the "yellow" page questions.

Click on the Social Studies page.