Social Studies

Week of January 14,  2019
This week we finish up Unit 3, this week. We will have a test next Wednesday. We will review the Study Guide, in class. 
Unit 3 Test- Study Guide Colonization and Settlement (1).docx

Our State Representative, Darrin Camilleri, will be visiting our class on Friday to discuss the position and how someone would become a State Representative.

Unit 3 Overview
In this unit, students examine the causes and consequences of European settlement in North America, during the 17th and early 18th centuries. Throughout the unit, students use primary and secondary sources to examine how Europeans adapted to life in North America. Students begin the unit by exploring the reasons for European colonization and identifying push and pull factors that caused people to migrate to the New World.

Students will examine a variety of early settlements such as Roanoke, New Amsterdam, Jamestown, and Plymouth. In doing so, students explore how the colonial settlements and their development. Students explore the three distinct colonial regions: New England, Middle, and Southern colonies. They investigate significant developments in each colonial region, focusing on political institutions and economic activities.